Camp Bestival in the grounds of Lulworth Castle. A chance to catch up with some legends and get busy with a new Nikon.

After incessant rain for weeks the sun finally decided to turn up. Naturally most people got terribly burnt by this strange event.

Personal highlights were a chance to listen and photograph Justin Robertson, check out the Two Bears DJ set and get into the pit for Rolf Harris -now deleted and shamed until further notice- and the Happy Mondays, sadly not both at the same time.

Henry Rollins turned out to be the surprise bonus on Sunday morning, I was the only snapper there!

Backstage I saw a guy and a toddler coming towards me, the nipper was very smartly turned out in well chosen adidas, the father turned out to be Bez from the Mondays. I didn't snap him, merely said I was looking forward to the gig and went on my way.

When I saw Bez next he was performing, he saw me in the press pit and acknowledged me with some pointing and big smile, payoff for giving him peace with his son. Shame my autofocus didnt know if it needed a shit or a haircut at this time....
Henry Rollins
Bollywood Tent.
Justin Robertson.
Justin Robertson.
Justin Robertson
"you're not Justin, you're Well-in!"
Shaun Ryder
Happy Mondays.
Still twisting melons.
The legend Bez
The Carnival is Over
Traces of VIPs.